QR Tooltips for jQuery

Hello there! This is a test project by Konstantin Kovshenin, a code junkie from Moscow. This simple script allows you to add QR popups to your links. It's free and easy to use! Just include a stylesheet and a javascript file to your webpage, fire a jQuery command and voila!

jQuery(document).ready(function() {

Yup! As easy as that! Check out the live demo below and the source code of this page (Ctrl+U).

Live Demo

Hover on any of the links in the text below to see a the demo live.

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You can get the sources from this zip archive or use git to checkout the latest sources directly from Github:

$ git clone http://github.com/kovshenin/qrtip.git

Behind the Scenes

Well, I basically took the ColorTip jQuery plugin and wrote a little bit of extra code inside that injects images inside the tooltips. The actual images are coming from the Google Charts API! I also use the js-uri to get the relative links right.

So thank you for stopping by, hope you enjoyed this script. I'm @kovshenin on Twitter — feel free to ask me anything.